Roland Juno Stage Cracked Volume Circuit Board - Can I repair myself?

Hey all! New to the forum here (and synths) so forgive me…

Volume stopped working on my Roland Juno Stage (everything else is working fine, seemingly). I had a feeling it took a spill while I wasn’t around as the volume knob was a little wobbly. Finally opened it up to replace this knob and also discovered that the circuit board where the volume potentiometer is attached, is cracked:

  1. In terms of fixing the cracked circuit board - is that too much to take on as a novice? If not, where does one begin?
  2. I’m having a tough time finding circuit board replacement parts if self-repair is not an option. Any tips or websites for Roland replacement parts? Specifically circuit boards.

It’s a really nice keyboard and I got it at a good price so I’m willing to put some serious hours in. Both as a cost saving measure and a learning experience.

Any feedback is helpful :slight_smile:


Hello Karsdlight,

I’ve done work like this before by soldering proto-typing wires across the break. However, this does look quite a significant break. Usually, before starting this type of repair the break needs repairing itself with clear glue, I sometimes strengthen the area with additional stuck on strips on plastic to reinforce the area.

In terms of repair replacing the whole pcb is the best way, however a repair is possible. Definitely check continuity before putting in back the synth. (Some breaks are almost impossible to see!)

–Regards Darren.