Roland Juno Stage disaster repair

Hi everyone. I bought a Juno Stage 2 yrs ago, I noticed the screen dimmer potentiometer was loose so brightness adjustment was inacurate. Back the I ordered the potentiometer for $7. I was avoiding to make the repair cause I was not using the keyboard anyway. This week I decided to move forward with the repair cause I was thinking about selling the keyboard cause I wanted buy another keyboard. Anyway, I started dismantling the board which I did when bought to clean it up. When I reached the Jack Board I proceeded to desoldering the part, I noticed my soldering gun really slow heating and really took me more than usual to remove the part, I installed the new one, put everything together back and the board and the screen was bright really nice but the potentiometer was not working. There my nightmare started. I should leave it that way.

I dismantled the board again in order to reach the potentiometer again, keep in mind for me to get there I have to remove several flat ribbons. When reaching the part in question again under the Jack Board, using a magnifier I noticed the board was fried, so messed up, since ithe screen was bright and looking okay, I tried solder again but decided to leave it. I put everything back, when turned on the board again. No screen, buttons were lighted randomly and the sound in the keyboard was like without resonance. Big mess.

I dismantled the unit again (40+ screws), and I noticed the ribbons 26, 28 and 18npins without the supporting plastic back. The pins were almost messed up, I managed to cut, scratch and put it back. The screen was back to life but the resonance and cutoff parameters were changing randomly interfering with the functionality. I went back again inside and this time the screen ribbon was messed up.

I’m so pissed off that I put everything back put it back in the gigbag. The 26 and 28 ribbons are available to buy with a 14 plus week waiting period and the 18 pins ribbon (the screen ribbon) is discontinued.

I’m been repairing keyboards for more than 20 years this is the first time I messed up a working unit. From the soldering points and the ribbons which plastic support fall and I didn’t notice.

What do you think guys, sell for parts or try to get the ribbons?