Roland Jupiter-6 Damaged Body Inquiry

Hey guys,

I found a Roland Jupiter-6 in the local classified ads, but I’m a little hesitant to buy it as it has a major dent in the top left corner and some dings/dents on the metal exterior. There’s also some rust. Other than casing damage and some sticky buttons, it seems to be in perfect working order (and has the Europa mod installed).

The owner wants approximately $2700 USD. Is this a fair price?

Does Syntaur do metal work/paint/rebadging? Or can someone steer me to where I could find/repair the body? Prior to committing to a purchase, I’d like to know the cost of getting this keyboard restored to its former glory, as this could get pricey really fast.

I’m not overly concerned with slow turnaround times as this would be stored in my playable collection.

Thanks in advance,


If you are going to put the time into repair/resto yourself consider what your time is worth. Its just sheet metal dents and digs can be tapped out easily from the inside if you plan to tear it down for service… Any good vinyl graphics shop can reproduce decals. rust killers from por15 eastwood and a remover soak called evaporust will do the job. i personally think the board sounds as we say in the southern USA rode hard and put up wet and 2700 is way too high and the seller is hoping for a sucker… theres plenty of sites selling theses at any givien time ,do some comparisons…