Roland JV-50 help

Hey all! I have a bit of an issue, I recently finally decided to replace 4 broken keys on my otherwise sturdy and reliable 1993ish Roland JV-50. Following along to Carlos’ great YouTube vid. After putting everything back together, the power was wonky and cutting in and out briefly, and a section of keys (with blue tape on top of them in the pic) stopped working altogether. I’m not sure if something shorted or it was an issue with one of those ribbons connecting the key bed to the chassis. It’s 16 keys plus one more toward the end of the keyboard. Does anyone know what the issue could be and what part (if any) I need to grab to keep this thing going strong?

Thanks so much in advance!

Definitely check the ribbon cables, and make sure all of the wires are in the connectors correctly - that’s the most likely source of this trouble.

Thanks so much Sam! I’ll check it out. Appreciate it!

Just opened it up again and checked everything, I noticed that a piece of plastic the ribbon that controls (I believe) the right side of the keyboard was broken. (Seen in the picture) I was able to fasten it back in and tape it in place with the painters tape to see if that would work, but the same keys are still not working unfortunately. Is there a replacement part available? I’m not sure if this is it or not, I don’t see a pic of it from the back Panel board, Roland JV-50 - Syntaur

Thanks so much!

That is not the panel board. It looks more like the High keyboard contact board

Thanks ProfTrudo! Is the high keyboard contact board an attainable part for this model?

I’m just super bummed that I wasn’t able to finish this project up the right way. Anything I can reasonably do to get this synth 100% is my goal at this point!

I didn’t see either of the boards in stock on Syntaur’s website. You might look around some of the other sites.

The right way to do it would be to find the right part, but that might prove to be a nightmare to locate. At the worst, you could replace both connectors and the ribbon with a section of ribbon cable - that would be in line with a repair that Ensoniq actually implemented on the VFX line.