Roland JV-8000 - corrupt memory even after battery replacement

This is my first post. I live in Atlanta. My main synths are a Roland Juno 106 and an Akai AX60.

I’ve got a Roland JV-8000 that won’t boot. From what I read this is usually a battery-related problem. I changed batteries and left the 8000 on overnight. Still no luck. I cleaned all connectors and reconnected. Still nothing. Voltages off PSU all seem to be good- I didn’t look on a scope but they measure ok on a meter. Any help or advice on where to look next will be greatly appreciated.

hi Peter, are you talking about the jp-8000?
i dont know nothing about the jv-8000

im new in synth repairs, and i dont know if this would help you but, have you tried a master reset?
The following procedure can be used to clear the internal memory and reload the factory settings:

(CAUTION: All USER information will be lost. Be sure to back up any information you wish to keep.)

  1. Press #7 while holding SHIFT.

  2. Press the #7 button repeatedly to select “INITIALIZE.”

  3. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to select “FACTORY PRESET.”

  4. Press the WRITE button.

i hope this can help

I’d be surprised if not booting had anything to do with the battery - it’s only function is to retain program memory when the synth is powered off.

What do you mean exactly by ‘won’t boot’? Does that mean nothing shows on the display, no panel LEDs lit, etc? Or does the display come on, but get stuck at some point in the boot process?