Roland JV1000.....and the dreaded red epoxy issue

I’m the current owner of 2 Roland JV-1000 workstations, one I’m going to restore to pristine condition and the other is my ‘organ donor’ (excuse the pun). I’ve found that an off the shelf drain cleaner is excellent at dissolving that nasty gooey red epoxy crud. What I’m having difficulty with is cleaning up/ replacing both of the felt strips that are on the key chassis. Apart from the color, are they different? And what can I use to clean up the old adhesive from the after touch strip?

The strip on the top side of the chassis is the aftertouch strip, which has a felt strip overlaying the pressure strip. That aftertouch strip is here, but currently not in stock:

I’m not sure the felt can be removed from this without pulling the aftertouch strip apart. If you have been able to do this, rubbing alcohol should remove the sticky residue from the plastic strip. We don’t have a felt strip of the correct size to replace this - it is half the thickness of the other felt. (We do have some of the correct thickness, but it is twice as wide. I don’t know if there is room on the chassis or not for that extra width.)

The felt strip on the underside of the chassis is this one:

What is the drain cleaner you purchased to clean up the epoxy? I too have a JV1000 that has the oozy red epoxy.

I just corrected the same problem on a JV 1000 I just purchased. I used Draino Kitchen Granules. Purchased from the local Home Depot. Removed the keys and placed them in a 5 gallon bucket and soaked over night. The next day the weights fell right out and there was no sign of red epoxy left. There were about 10 keys I had to soak for an additional evening but then the weights fell out of them as well. After that set them out to dry and cleaned up with soap and water.

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For some reason, my reply email was blocked… Sorry about that. Kroger has a hair clog remover which contains Lye. Nasty stuff on skin, but cleans out the red epoxy just great. Rinse the keys well before handling. It’s called Instant Power Hair Clog remover. It’s In a black bottle. If I could post a pic, I would.

draino has other chemical in it you need straight lye… sodium hydro . amazon just dis a roland VK-7 which is now up for sale, and one bad ass board . theres no better digital clone wheel hammond out there. and only the korg analog c bx/cx non midii first gen rox any better. I know I own both and more I am still lookin for an oberheim 3 squared and a wurli… southern USA