Roland JV1000 for sale

Good afternoon everyone. Not sure if this forum is the correct one for this topic, but I have 2 Roland JV 1000 that I no longer need and wondered where the best market is to sell these vintage keys.

The first one, I have owned since new, never gigged, Expanded with Vintage Synths AND the VE-GS1 voice expansion board. Housed in a custom made solid flight case, the lid can be removed for performance without removing the keyboard from the case. The keys / key bed suffered with the red epoxy issue, but have since been refurbished and reconditioned. This keyboard is in excellent condition for its age (Purchased 1994).

The second unit was purchased used in 2019. It is missing the first 8 or so keys on the low / left hand. I have powered it up and played it and the unit seems to be in good working order (have not tested the disk drive) It is currently disassembled for parts, but apart from the missing keys, the unit is complete.

I’d like to offer these up for sale, but not sure where the best market would be. Your advice would be valuable as would an idea of the market value of these units.

You can try ebay there are some for sale there, otherwise try Catawiki. There is a weekly auction

Hi I own the jv1000 I recently bought. how can I see if the VE-GS1 expantionboard is present?

Select the V-EXP button on top left of the main panel. When prompted, hit enter. Turn the INT volume slider down and the V-EXP slider all the way up. If you hear sound coming from the main out /phones, then the board is installed.
Alternatively, you can remove the two access panels in the underside of the chassis and check to see if there are any expansion boards installed. You can have one sound expansion and one voice expansion (V-EXP)

thnaks for the info. it is not present