Roland Jx3p sequencer not advancing

Hi, my jx3p sequencer won’t advance steps. When I select write and play notes on my keyboard the sequencer doesn’t not advance to step 2,3,4. It just combines all the notes in 1 step. It will advance with the step or rest button. Seems weird, has anyone experienced this? It’s been documented on the net but never a solution. Logic chip failure? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did it work already?
If no: are you sure you are releasing the keys in between the steps carefully?

It is important to know that it works like that:

  • Press Seq Write
  • Press Note1
  • Release Note1 -> First Step is written
  • Press Note2
  • Release Note2 -> Second Step is written
  • Press Note3
  • Press Note4
  • Release Note3 (note4 is still pressed)
  • Press Note5
  • Release Note4 (note5 is still pressed)
  • Release Note5 -> Third step is written.
  • Press Run
    => a three step sequence is written with single notes on step one and two and a three-note-chord on step three.

A step will be written only if the last key is released. To enter a chord it is not(!) necessary to play all notes of the chord at the same time unless you whatchout that always one of the keys stays pressed.

Thanks for the response! I have had this synth for almost a decade and the sequencer did work exactly as you stated. However now the sequencer acts as though the key press never terminates or when I hit a key and release the key it stays latched for whatever reason. It’s weird and makes me think something in the logic is stuck. I have the unit open now and I see a lot of 4051 multiplexers and know that those can have issues. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue before. I have seen others have the same issue but no documentation of a resolution.

sorry for the delayed response.
The 4051’s are not involved here.

Basically this reads like a key contact is stuck, which is mechanically quite unlikely. Also I’d assume that you should hear a sound as soon as the synth is switched on.

I think the sequencer advances on the same system status on which the MIDI-command “all notes off” (CC 123) is sent. May be you can check in a MIDI-monitor or sequencer program, whether the JX does send this CC value. It should be sent at least in normal mode (not recording a sequence).