Roland M16E restoration by Mr Beginner


I understand that many people here have electronics experience, but mine is extremely limited to the point where I haven’t even used a solder iron for 30 years. Anyway, the situation is that I bought a Roland M16e as my main mixer, but it needs a good cleanup and a full recap. I’ve tested most of the channels with no real dysfunction so far, but all them have some sort of noise / glitch / crackling issue, some with sound coming and going. The latter I ascribe to capacitors, but the fact is that I don’t even know if each channel have their own caps or not.

Does anyone here know this mixer’s inside? Does anyone have a service manual?

I’d appreciate hints, tips and help. I have a multimeter, but not really sure how to use it :slight_smile:

My initial strategy is to start disconnecting the front modules (channels etc) while labelling all the harness connectors ( 3 per channel) and take a bunch of photos - and then start cleaning the pots and faders. Sounds like a good start?

I need a few pot knobs which I will get from Syntaur. Capacitors are presumably shelfware locally - anything else which could need replacement while I do this?

Hope someone can help. Thanks!