Roland mc 202 sequencer issue

I bought a roland mc 202 that I thought I had managed to fix but the problem seems more serious than expected. When I insert notes into the sequencer, and then play, it only plays the last note.
Anyone have any idea why?
Thank you

1.) When you enter several note one after the other, be sure to release the current note before pressing the next note.
2.) While entering the notes: does the display show the various note values?

(I don’t own a 202 anymore, I am just reading the manual)

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I assure you I know how to program it. Other people have had this problem reading online but no one has been able to solve it. Yet there must be a solution, be it changing some chips or some transistors or something else…
For this reason, if someone had solved this problem and could tell me it would solve a big problem not only for me.
Unfortunately I bought this Roland at a lower price because it obviously had this problem, but I thought it was easier to manage

Even if you know, how to program it, :wink: you may answer the second question:

While entering the notes: does the display show the various note values?

The answer, may tell us, whether the problem is related to entering the notes, or to playing the notes back.

Yes sorry
The display shows the note when I’m playing, soo seems to work perfectly but then in play mode it only play back the last note


Could it be playing through all the notes, but just so fast that the last one is all that’s heard? Or is it just pointing at that last note?

Can you step through the sequence in memory? Or maybe capture the MIDI output stream in something like MIDI-OX?

Thank for the reply,
Soo no, it doesn’t step through the sequence, it step only the one note
. For example if i put in a C, D, E, F , when I step into the sequence is only F,F,F,F.
I was thinking about a memory problem too, do you have any suggestion?

Hi, I wish I had the answer to help but I can offer 2 suggestions. 1) Have you ever opened the MC-202 up? I ask this because I purchased a used one in the past and it wouldn’t except some of my notes when programming on some of the keys. I decided to open it up to make sure the inside wasn’t dusty and dirty as it’s top was. Well it was extremely dusty and dirty to my surprise including pet hair I believe on it’s inside and note contacts were greasy and dirty. as well. I removed all the dirt, dust & pet hair. After that, then I removed it’s rubber keypad and washed it thoroghly both top and rear with very warm water and mild soap. Next, I got a bunch of Q tips and Hydrogen Peroxide. Diped the Q tips into the Hydrogen Peroxide and began wiping it’s dirty and greasy inner note contacts where you input the notes. Let it thoroghly dry, then I put the MC-202 back together and it worked perfectly. If you decide to do this I suggest waring rubber gloves and make sure it’s power is diconnected from the wall or power supply first. 2) If you do this and it still doesn’t solve your problem you may need to have it professionally serviced. I highly recommend these two places. I’ve used both these places before and they are extremely experienced and have been in business for years. Rogue Music or Armen’s… both are located in Manhattan, N.Y. Give either one a call if needed. I hope this helps. :pray: Sincerely, Mike Dulsky