Roland MC-909 display replacement

The display in my MC-909 is pretty faded. I’m wondering if there are better alternatives available that would be compatible with the MC-909? I’m about to order some new pads for it, I figured while I had it apart I could change the display as well. Thanks.

The display for the MC-909 is not extinct, but it is over $400 and would probably take a few months to get. If you want to pursue this, let me know and we can get the ball rolling. It would be a special order part.

Wow! Are there no aftermarket alternatives that would work? Many synths can be fitted with OLEDs to replace their aging displays.

That certainly might be possible, but we have not done this sort of thing and don’t have any info for you on that.

LCD screen for the MC-909 is made by Sharp and part number is LM320191.

Google that for a supply. Someone on Reverb is offering an upgraded display that is quite a bit more expensive. If someone could get the maker and part number, I’m sure the street price would be much less.