Roland MC-909 Power Supply input voltage


Does the MC-909 switching power supply work with any global voltage (e.g. 100V, 230V), or are the PSU’s voltage specific (e.g. a MC-909 from Japan works only on 100-120V and would fry on 230V)?

I can’t find the info anywhere, and the service notes are not clear (they mention several voltages, but don’t say if those are the PSU versions or the allowable voltages for the single PSU version).

Many thanks!

If the unit does not have a switch for 110(115)/230 volt 60/50 hz operation use the original power supply information and plug to help know the unit correct voltage AND FREQUENCY. It may be 50hz used in Europe or Asia not 60 Hertz used in the USA. Without the correct t power converter foe voltage AND frequency you could damage the unit. Many grey market pieces of of equipment cross the oceans both direction…I had a yamaha tx81z direct from Japan and had to buy a power converter for correct frequency y or it would randomly shut off and lose program memor9. Just a heads up

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