Roland MC-909 Velocity Pads

It’s very cool that I can announce - on Synthesizer Day - that we now have in stock replacement velocity pads for the Roland MC-909. This part was discontinued by Roland a few years ago, so we have been working to remanufacture them. And after months in the pipeline, the truck pulled up on Synthesizer Day with boxes of new pads!

Like keyboard contact strips, these rubber pads have a conductive surface on the bottom which makes contact with the underlying circuit board. As more and more miles are put on the pads, they lose their conductance, and this results in the pads not triggering. With this part discontinued by Roland, that left many MC-909 users with almost worthless instruments.

The new pads are available as a single strip of 8:

or as a full set (two strips):

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Excellent news!

Can you comment on the quality of these new replacement pads?

Is the quality the same, worse or better than the original part?

They are identical, in both appearance and function. They are manufactured at a factory that specializes in this type of part (rubber with conductors), and we have sold a good number of these pads already, with only positive feedback. So the quality is the same as the original. You will be very happy with them.

These work great, the velocity section works just as good as new!

If and When (PLEASE?) you get repro Transport controls in, I will take two just in case! trying to “repair” the failed original now, but even if thats successful, it looks so yellowed and disgusting next to your awesome Repro Velocity Pads.


We aren’t manufacturing the transport buttons yet, as we still can get some of the original ones. They sell pretty quickly when we do get them, but if you check on our site regularly, you’ll hopefully see a Buy button soon.

(We are working on a system where our site can email you when a needed part is back in stock, but that will still be some time before it is implemented. And we got very overwhelmed very quickly when we tried to do this manually - sorry.)

Glad the velocity pads are working well for you - we appreciate the feedback!

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