Roland MKS-30 Blinking Lights Problem

Hi Folks, long time fan of the Syntaur Youtube channel, but the first time that I am posting here.

When I last used my Roland MKS-30 it worked perfectly, but it has been in storage for a while, and when I plugged it in today, it has developed a problem.

After turning on, the bank display briefly shows ‘08’ for a split second, but thereupon both the bank and patch displays show ‘88’ and 88’ but they appear to be flickering, and the ‘MIDI Message’ and ‘Dynamics’ lights are constantly blinking as well. None of the front panel buttons seem to have any effect on this. (I have uploaded a picture, but in the moment the camera snapped the image, the bank display is off, which further shows that the display is flashing).

I have checked the power rails, and the only anomaly that I could find is that the silkscreen on the power PCB refers to a ‘+7’, but I get 11.5v on those pins. Apart from that all voltages look good. The battery is very old (probably never replaced), so I don’t know whether that would cause this?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have checked the battery and it is still good (slightly over 3v).

Is it possible that this behavior could be caused by the infamous failing voice chips issue? (I would think that logically it wouldn’t, it would just make one or more voices sound weird and not that the entire synth would act up).

Are these MKS-30’s prone to failing capacitors?