Roland MKS-50 wierd sounding chorus problem

I have a Roland MKS-50 that I’ve had for a few decades, and that has stood unused for about 15 years. Now I’ve started to go “all analog” again (see for my madness) and I notice the chorus sounding … weak. Compared to my Juno-60, the chorus is a joke, nowhere near as silky.

There’s also a wierd “chirp” sound in the right speaker that pops up in time with the chorus sweep, which makes me believe the chorus might be somewhat broken.

Does anyone know:

  1. Is this normal (I.e. is MKS-50 chorus really crap compared to a Juno-60?)
  2. Is it remotely fixable, or should I just forget it and run it through an external chorus? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any clever insights <3