Roland MKS20 Power Button Cap

Hello Syntaur Pros!

I have been a longtime parts customer before recently discovering your YouTube channel and watching everything you have there. It was great fun to finally “meet” the faces behind the website. Awesome and fun content.

Quick question…

I recently took ownership of a Roland MKS-20 Digital Piano sound module. With the exception of a scratchy volume slider (which I’ll try to clean and then maybe replace,) it works great. The main power switch and shaft work fine, but the black, square button cap is missing. Not the end of the world, but you know…would love it to be “complete” if possible.

I’m ok with doing Google searches and monitoring eBay and the likes, but I was wondering if in your vast knowledge base there, if you had an easy way to cross-reference any other compatible button caps that might fit? Might increase my search area if I can look for a couple different models. Thought I’d ask.

According to the Roland service manual, the “Button black” part number is 22470240.

Thanks guys!

Dave Bailey, Norwell, Massachusetts