Roland PM 10 monitor no sound

Spare parts for Roland PM10 personal monitor.
I’ve dug my old amp out of my garage to see if I could get it working. After having a look under the hood, I’ve found this part to be burnt out. Can anybody advise on a new spare part. Tried to google the item number to no avail.

your transformer is not burnt out. check your fuses. if that doesn’t work Take the unit to a Roland service center, or they may be able to direct you to a closer tech.

Hi, I have the same monitor, bought it second hand. Selles said there was a bad connection, but failed to mention the pcb was heavily cracked. I’m trying to fix it, but there is a heavy ‘hum’. Would you be open to ship me your main board so I could fix mine? That is if you don’t find the spare parts you need of course.
Kind regards

What makes you think the transformer is “burnt out”?
Not working at all or blowing mains/primary fuse ?