Roland R-8 randomly resetting to factory default settings

I have a Roland R-8 and the problem is that it is resetting to the factory default settings randomly. It doesn’t hold any patterns or songs, or any programming. I tried to replace the battery to see if that works, but I think I broke something in the battery holder…

Also, I sent the drum machine to a friend that works with electronic devices and he was not able to repair the machine. Please any help or advice?

Thank you.

Well - did your friend do some measuring of battery voltages?
Tell him to get the Roland R-8 Service Notes from the internet then look for D2 (near IC10) and measure the voltage on either side of D2. There is a capacitor (C38 47uF/10V) that holds the battery backup voltage for a few moments to allow for the battery to be changed without loosing saved settings. If that C38 is faulty, that may cause loss of settings.


Over to you !!!