Roland R5 Power Supply? ACH-120

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

So I got a Roland R5 drum machine recently at a yard sale, power supply wasnt included, but I assumed it was a 9v or 12v so I picked it up. However looking into it after, myself and many others have found them impossible to find, they use a unique 10.5v roland supply, ACH-120, these fetch nearly $160 shipped to me used! Knock offs arent much better, and one third party one I caved and ordered for $65 the supplier cancelled the order. I’ve seen a few things online about people shaving a C5 connector to fit, but (forgive my cluelessness) how could this cord without a center adapter be used when the original had a large coupler in the middle. Anyone have any suggestions or leads on a replacement, I’d be forever grateful.