Roland RD-700 End caps

Can someone tell me if the End Caps for the RD-700GX/700NX/700SX series (Part numbers 3982 and 3983) are the same as the end caps for the RD-700 (Part numbers 1541 and 1542)?

I’m trying to replace the endcaps on my RD-700 and it seems those specific parts are no longer available from Syntaur. The RD-700GX/700NX/700SX series are. The pictures for both part series look identical although the screw mounting holes are not visible.

Also, do the mounting screws come with the parts?


The RD-700 end caps are identical to those for the RD-700GX/700NX/700SX, except that they are a very slightly different color. So it would be no problem to replace them with part nos. 3982 and 3983.

These do not come with the screws - often times, different models that use the same part require different screws.

Excellent. Thanks sir. Ordering now.

One more thing. I’m assuming I’ll need to take the cover off the board to attach the end caps correct?

The screws go into the end panels from the inside, so you’ll definitely need to open it up.

And I just noticed that we don’t have the #3982 in stock, even though the site doesn’t show it as being out of stock. Roland is a bit wishy-washy these days, as far as getting parts from them, so you might want to wait and see what kind of an ETA we get on that. (Or feel free to place the order it if the ETA doesn’t matter much.)


Ok, I’ll wait a bit. Thanks again.