Roland Rhodes 660

Hey all, here’s the skinny! I was at an estate sale this morning, and as I was getting ready to leave I saw a plastic cover that looked “instrument-like”. I pulled the cover off and there before my eyes was a Rhodes 660 with the original power supply AND the foot pedal, and let me tell you that this is in MINT condition! I asked what they wanted and was told $25.00, so I shut my mouth, paid and left!!! I got this beauty home and turned it on and found that it only plays one note and I believe it’s at the “split” point of the keyboard. Should I just do a factory reset, or what button do I need to press to get this rolling full steam? Please note: ALL the presets work, but just played on that one note!

First thing I would check for is red glue!
These keyboards have a thin flexible PCB for the contact board like the JD-800
Worst case scenario the PCB is punctured or a trace is torn

Hey there,

I’m SUPER naive about repairs and such. Would red glue cause just ONE key to continue working? All the presets play, but just on that one key.

No it would be far more likely to be damage to the flexible PCB.
Or perhaps a loose connection.

Red glue is just something you will need to aware of on this specific make and model of keyboard.

Does is respond to midi?

Hey there! Finally found out that the problem IS red glue. Any resources out there to do the removal?