Roland Rhodes MK-80 Screen Bezel

Hi all,

so - I been given this Roland Rhodes MK-80 for repair and general cleanup/restoration. Seems like a great unit in very good condition except for the LCD screen. The LCD Screen does not display anything on the right hand side - maybe 4 … 6 characters on the left that is all.

I took the screen out and found that the black bezel around the screen is missing two clip hooks (there are 2 on one side and 3 on the other). I now found the LCD screen is actually working if a press down on the bezel where the two missing clip hooks are - I guess someone been playing before it reached my workshop or the clip hooks just broke off (unlikely though).

Question now is:

Has someone out there got a broken LCD screen that fits the Roland Rhodes MK-80 BUT with the bezel still intact ?!? The LCD screen is listed on the Syntaur site but out of stock.

Thanks in advanced for looking


No responses so far - may have to ask the question slightly different …

I there a replacement part for that MK-8 screen - ie a replacement for Roland Part # 15029497 ?


The entire display is our part #1133, but we currently do not have it in stock, and can only get it used (Roland has discontinued that part). So we have no idea when we will get another one.

thanks for reply and yes I knew of the part # and keep on checking as well.

As a matter of fact I be happy to get a broken or bad LCD display as long as the bezel is intact - ie all of the 5 clips still there.
The unit I have is actually working but the LCD doesn’t make good contact to the circuit board due to the missing clips in the bezel.