Roland RS-9 key contact boards

A question from our email:

My roland RS-9 (88 keys) received a hit from a heavy falling object around middle C key. The B key just below became loose,

I think the underneath key contact board might be damaged as well as the key. You have (Part #4818) and (Part #4819) listed but for RS-5 and I would like to know if one of those might be compatible.

My answer:

No, those boards are for the RS-5 and are not compatible with the RS-9. We don’t have the boards for the RS-9.

And this is a good time to point out that there is often confusion because Roland made an RS-09 as well as an RS-9, and they are completely different. The RS-09 is a 44-note vintage organ/string machine. The RS-9 is a more recent 88-note keyboard.