Roland RS-9 unstable potentiometers

I made a video demonstrating a problem I’m having with my Roland RS-9. If I adjust the pots for LFO, envelope, or filter, the values don’t remain stable. The biggest problem seems to be with the LFO depth pot. I was going to replace just that pot, but I see now once I have it apart, the rest of them have just as much an issue.

Could this problem be caused by one faulty pot? Could the IC that controls these be bad? I checked for any obvious loose connections on the board, but couldn’t find any.

A quick update on this problem: I turns out both the LFO rate and the envelope release pots had problems. After I replaced both of these, the problems went away. For anyone else that might have this problem in the future, these are 10 kOhm, 25 mm potentiometers.

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