Roland System 100 Model 102 slider and knob

I am new to this forum and would like to first of all introduce myself.
My name is Christian and I am from Hamburg, Germany. I am a long time analogue synth fan (it started with the rise of electronic music in the end of the 80ies) and am still owner of some precious (at least to me) instruments.

One of those, my Roland System 100 Model 102, is having some issues which you may help me with.
First of all, one of the large knobs is missing. It once was available here at Syntaur but went out of stock (part#1570). Does anyone eventually have one and is willing to sell and send it to Germany?

The second thing is that one of the sliders (ADSR release) is not working properly any more. Is there a known replacement for that (I included a photo of the workshop manual with the corresponding part).

EDIT: I just had one more look at the sliders available for other Roland synths and stumbled across this one:

Slide potentiometer, 1MA, 30mm travel.
$14.95 (Part #3345)

Could this work for me??

Thank you very much for your support.


This knob is very similar, and we have a few of them left in stock:

The difference is that the System 100 knob should have a pointer for the indicator (on the metal skirt), and the above knob has a line instead. So it’s not an exact replacement - but it will be very, very close.

We don’t have a System 100 here to look at for the slide pots, and the Roland part numbers don’t correspond to anything we have available. If it is possible to send a photo of one of the pots, so I can see the pin layout and physical size, I may be able to a suggestion.

Hi Sam.
Thanks for your reply.
The differences between the knob you are mentioning and the one currently missing on my machine is not only the pointer but also, as far as I can see that on the photo, the texture on the black plastic.
I attached a photo of the System 100 knob.

It was a good idea to open up the system to look for the slider!!
Once open I found out, that the slider wasn´t broken at all but that the backside somehow slipped of the sliders body. And that was an easy fix.
Thanks for that suggestion.

Still looking for the right knob, btw…