Roland System 100 Slide Switch

Hi all, I am a synth & AV collector and have pulled together a ‘sound lab’ of sorts in Perth, Western Australia for visitors to enjoy and play with the old gear. Not for profit.

I was lucky enough to acquire a mint condition full Roland System 100 (with everything included), and have had some excellent advice from Alex Ball. He’s been great, and the units are all in first class condition. Such a joy to play with!

There is one fault with the sequencer 104, and I am looking to replace a slide switch, 2 position for the CH-A / CH-B switch. This is listed as “SJ-0215” in the service manual.

I have found a few similar switch parts from the Sh-2 and other Roland synths, but I believe they are incompatible. The SJ-2015 appears to have 8 soldering pins, while the slight newer models have 6 pin switches.

Any help or leads great appreciated. See attached pic of the switch from the inside.



here is the switch from the exterior…