Roland TR 626 - Snare / Rim Shot - No Sound

Roland TR 626 - Snare / Rim Shot

  • No sound listening via headphones
  • Raising lowering Accent / Level - works on all inst. except snare / rimshot
  • Individual outputs - Can hear all sounds - all much lower volume

These are guesses since I cannot see your unit, it but headphone jacks have poor connections after much use, so try cleaning first, then repositioning the fingers inside the jack. Otherwise, jumper a spare jack on, and if that works, replace the faulty jack entirely.
Quiet and poor response for the pads on and old Tr probably is due to worn out membranes. those things take a ton of patience, magnification and light to remove, clean and replace and often they will have to be replaced because the sensors fall off the rubber pad and that is why they wont work. I’ve also noticed that they slip around when the unit becomes too hot. so they only make partial contact.