Roland VK-1 organ drawbar hum and stuck keys

This has been my first project in repairing vintage gear. this organ is semi functional, the problems ive been having is most of the drawbars have a hum or will start to hum over time of being on. all the drawbars will hum at some point of being on. the other problem ive been having is that the G#4, A4, A#4, and B4 keys will become stuck on after being powered up for sometime, and this happens after those keys are pressed down. ive recapped the switch gate cause i saw some leaky caps, but that didnt fix anything. the boards underneath are really clean i dont really see much signs of wear. my current plan is to recap everything else, but im skeptical if itll solve any problems. ive been doing research on this VK 1 but theres really not much to find. i should add that i think the electronics have been untouched since being made in the factory, so a lot of the parts are 40 years old. id love any feedback on what you guys think i should do? this organ rips and i want to keep it alive. thanks!

Did the VK-1 use the dreaded red glue to keep the key weights in (Google JD-800 red glue)? I was given a VK-1000 drawer bar organ which did use the red glue and most of the keys have become stuck fast and will require a major clean up operation.
Just a thought but worth checking!

No luckily it didnt have the red glue. i have a JV-80 where i had to go through the process of cleaning all the keys of the red glue