Roland VK7-tear down to remove/replace failed key weight goo

Am in the middle of this and have picked up some tips,plus will need some light gray buttons[ show in stock] and red LEDs. Question: The LEDs,How do I find the correct ones needed? I do believe I have a PDF manual. Is there a VK & out there available for parts?. Side note:I work on Rhodes/eletro mechanical pianos and such as well as some non midi analogue boards like the Korg BX/CX. I’m in the Atlanta,Ga,area,always know whats in the local markets and sometimes have gear for sale,mostly Rhodes pianos, if I can help.I will be glad to do pre purchase appraisals and shipping on most any piece including Rhodes. I am free to work/drive most any time bein disabled but not useless! lol Help out an accident victim tryin to get his life back!

Use work on Fender Rhodes?
Do you have FB or linked in?

do not use social media you ca get me direct… ,At this time i have only one rhodes bein worked on,new tine rubbers /voicing,etc… besides tear down and cleaning of VK… Great sound digital clone wheel but i;ll take my Korg CX any day… Anybody found so good clavinet patches?.. I fix but broken wurli’s too

Cleaned my VK-7 of the red goo a couple of years ago. Caustic lye is about the only thing that will remove it without harming the plastic keys. I also found that it is easy to break the tabs that you have to pry apart to remove the keys (mainly the ones on the black keys). Heating them up a little with a hair dryer first is the trick that worked for me. I figured that out after I broke 4 or 5 of the black keys…

bingo scored some straight lye off amazon and am just about waiting for a rainy ful day to do the job, well to start at least… its a nice mess,and I’ll have to fabricate to key weights but thats no problem.glad you said somethin about heating the tabs. i’m sure Sam would have keys,but those need to go for serious problems, not um, operator error,lol.If you can get a photo or 2 to add to this post if it works so nobody goes in totally ’ dry" i’ll try to do the same. I have another Rhodes I am puttin tone bar grommets in so its nice breakin up the monotony with more monotony…lol.I know I got some red button led lights out and a couple bad buttons from some kinda weird incident I don’t care to know about… Thanks for the tips and reply… folks NEVEr leave out the lil bits of your endeavor, they could be P R I C E L E S S…lol

This link: will take you to a jd800 site that explains how to use the caustic soda to clean the red goo from your keys. Please follow the directions carefully because lye is VERY CAUSTIC and dangerous! It will work and is safe if you take the proper precautions and are careful. BTW - I used an epoxy that said it works on both metal and plastics (can’t remember the brand) to reglue the weights back in after cleaning out the red goo. Good luck with your repair.

thank OG! I am familiar with lye being from the southern USA and i think the epoxy name is JB WELD…if different than that and you remember for sure post it up… i bought quality lye direct , no cut, don’t have it handy to get deails bu it was cheap and easily shipped thanks! do you have a tore down VK for parts?

No parts machine, sorry. I don’t think it was JB WELD that I used but I would think that it would work just fine.