Roland VP 9000 Help

hello and good afternoon ,

I recently got a Roland VP 9000 and I’m having two issues that I would appreciate any help or guidance with

  1. sampling digital inputs: im trying to sample into the vp from my computer with an adat cord that is running from the out of my babyface pro. The VP doesn’t seem to be picking up the audio being sent from the bf to the output and ive tried all the sampling modes (trigger, manual, etc).

2.midi playback sample: I can sample with the mono ins on the back and i can press the preview button which plays the sample with no issues but when i try to play with my midi keyboard it sounds all distorted and has a ton of artifacts. on gearspace a guy said that it has to do with the ram and when i check the memory it displays 52.1 not 55 like shown in the instructional manual

thank you !