Roland VP330 MK I - single key doesn't work

Looking to fix my Roland VP-330 or have someone do it.
As it says in the title - a single key does not work. I have a friend who solders very well and does minor repairs but we don’t know where to start. Looking for pointers regarding tracing the fault.

I am also happy to pay someone in the SF area if any has a recommendation.

Can you look underneath the keys? I found some service notes online, and it looks like the keys are leaf contacts. Quite possible to have a broken wire or dirt on the contacts themselves.

Thanks for the reply. I did look and saw nothing conspicuous. I also spoke with my tech about a few other issues (old instruments LOL) and am going to do a more extensive service with him that will address the dead key among other things.

A couple notes for people who may find this topic in the future: According to my tech each key has its own capacitor that facilitates the connection to the sound engine. He says these eventually go out and should be replaced when keys start to fail and/or when one is doing the usual capacitor replacement. I will know more when he gets a chance to look inside - I will post back with our findings to help others.

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