Roland VR-760 Master Volume potentiometer


I am looking at the Roland VR Series parts page:

I see “Potentiometer, for VR-760 Volume (Part #4733)” listed. is this going to work for the Master volume or is this for Organ/Piano/Synth volumes or both? If so, I’m keen to buy a few parts for my VR-760!

Thanks in advance,

The #4733 pot is for the Master Volume, and I have clarified that on our site. We do not currently have the pots for the Organ/Piano/Synth volumes - do you need those?

Thanks for helping us get this showing correctly on our site!

Ah good deal, you’re welcome! I do not need need volume pots for Organ/Piano/Synth so no worries.

The full list of what I need is below:

5x Knob, small rotary, for VR-760 (Part #3077)
1x Knob, for VR-760 Master Volume (Part #3092)
2x Potentiometer, for VR-760 Rhythm Volume, Reverb Depth, Master EQ Freq, MFX Depth & Rate, MFX Control (Part #3702)
1x Potentiometer, for VR-760 Master Volume (Part #4733)

The site says you are out of stock of the two knob types though. Is that true? Do you know if the knobs from the other VR models fit those pots (VR-09 or VR-700)?

Also, could you ship to New Zealand and do you have an idea about the cost :)?