Roland W-30 no startup

My Roland W30 startups but doesn’t ask for the OS disk. The display keeps showing “Roland W-30” and that’s it. Any ideas ?

Ive disconnected the drive data cable and power to isolate any potential issues but no luck. I can do in depth troubleshooting if needed


Any help will be appreciated

Usually this problem is related to a defective floppy disk drive. Also, If the floppy disk drive is removed, the same thing will occur and the sampler freezes at the “Roland W-30” screen. There’s some useful info about replacements at this link -->

Thank you.
I was planning to probe the signals once i have time.

It looks like the cable was replaced . I bought it as is. It was not powering up until i found the cable was connected upside down on the floppy drive side. Im suspecting the controller IC to be damaged. However, i’ll try to connect the drive to an old test pc to see if it works.