Roland XP-50 and JP-8000 caps

I have a both a Roland XP-50 that powers on, no sound screen works and a Roland JP-8000, that powers on screen works very very very low sound output.

As I understand it these both used the same caps and they need to be replaced.

Anyone have a source for them?

I do not see them on the Syntaur parts list.


I don’t think you can say this is a cap (capacitor) issue. And there are probably dozens of different capacitors used in each of these models, all of which are likely standard parts available from an electronics parts supplier.

If a keyboard appears to work correctly, but makes no sound (or very low output), I would suspect that an op amp somewhere in the output circuitry has gone bad. There are probably a number of op amps that could be the culprit - it takes some tedious signal tracing to determine exactly which one(s) might need replacing. This is the sort of work that requires an oscilloscope, schematics, and a good understanding of electronics to resolve.


That level of repair is over my head so I am just going to sell if for parts