Roland xp 50 stuck hanging notes and low sound

I have some hanging notes, like if I used a sustain pedal (I don’t have one) do you know what’s the problem? also I have very low volume, the slider is on top and I’m still getting very very low volume

please change all capacitors of mainboard. problem will be solved.

no thats not correct kapil . output caps are on jack board and you basically told him to do not even 1/2 the job… Replace all the caps everywhere and i suggest anything 85c rated ,be changed to 105c and step up the other values similarly. using a brand name cap. doin the trans, and possibly the switches under buttons might be wise too. if the buttons show glossy ,thats a sign of wear, and fro sure check the power board and replce its caps and bridge rec.s…

See these two posts

Thank you all for your suggestions, I will try this asap and will tell you the outcome :+1:

Here’s and update from the repair: no luck at the moment, I managed to replace the caps marked in green (I couldn’t find the other ones in the electronic stores in my area), so far, with this replacements the only improvement seems to be that I no longer have hanging notes, I’ve been playing the keyboard for half and hour or so and I didn’t have any problem with hanging notes, the problem is the sound still very low, I still have to push the volumen all the way up to hear almost nothing.