ROLAND XP 50 Very low output from headphones, no line out

Hello everyone on this interesting group.
I have 2 Roland XP 50’s with the same problem: LEAKING CAPS ON MOTHERBOARD.
I bought a used unit to fix the first one that went out, but it developed the same problem and tried to replace the mainboard, but it was not available.
I took one to a repair shop and when the owner died it never got finished I ended with 2 bad KB’s. It shows some caps replaced but not very well seated in place and soldered, no output.
Everything works, displays, both sound very low on headphones and low and noisy from outputs. BOTH HAVE 5 PIN DIN MIDI
Keyboard not heavy enough for boat anchor, any ideas?
Thanks for your time.

Sorry to say you made several bad decisions.

Capacitors time expire and need to be replaced with new ones, not used ones of the same vintage.
They time expire because of the electrolyte within them is corrosive. That corrosive fluid leaks through seals after time and also eats the insides making the capacitors unreliable. Regular through hole mount capacitors made in the 1980’s expire after 30 -35 years. Surface mount capacitors expire after 10-16 years.

You simply have to take the unit to a technician who can replace the expired caps with new ones, and fix any issues the other techs did.

Specify Panasonic 105 degree electrolytic capacitors from Digikey or Mouser so you don’t get screwed with cheap ebay specials.

Replace tantalum capacitors with electrolytic types. Those also fail, but they fail in such a way that they either explode or do a dead short without any external evidence.

Capacitor issues should be well understood by any electronic instrument repair shop. You local music store should know where you can get it serviced.

Hop this helps.

Hello, I think I wasn’t clear about the second keyboard, I removed and replaced the motherboard and it worked ok for 1 year before it developed the same issue, while the other keyboard went to repair shop, then the owner passed and didn’t finish fixing it, now I have 2 useless keyboards.

The power supplies are usually on their own unit, separate from the motherboard.

See here;

Skip ahead to 10:30.
At 11:30 he discusses your problems.

Thank you very much, EXACTLY it points to the caps in the audio module, corrosion and age took contacts off, nothing left to solder to.