Roland XP-80 Display Question

Greetings all, new here, so I hope this isn’t too long. I tend to be thorough for best communication, so please bear with me.

I purchased a used Roland XP-80 about 4 years ago and the display had a slowly scrolling (upward) blank line that makes it rather annoying to look at. Thinking that it was a typical “XP-80/60/JD990 display issue” I wrote it off as the display possibly going bad. So I ordered a really nice replacement, 3rd party with a blue screen and white backlight. Very spiffy, but upon successful installation, the same problem was happening to the new display.

Immediately upon successful installation completion, however the built-in dimmer pot that came attached to the new display, got ridiculously hot and with the attempt to adjust the pot, flipped it out. It flashed and suddenly no more back light. I could still see into the LCD to read what it said, but it was too dim to ever be usable. So at the manufacturer’s good graces, I received a replacement display that I do not wish to install until I get this issue resolved. I am no electrical engineer, but I have a lay knowledge of how to handle most things and am a quick study. A hunch tells me that this could be a problem with too much voltage to the display from the main board. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that L19 appears to be shattered. In the service manual this part is listed as a “Filter Bead”, EMI Filter, which to me sounds like it regulates something…voltage, maybe? EMI - lol? Anyway, I find that the part that should be there matches another part in this image…also it matches the appearance of another part on another Roland device (as I know for cost reasons, manufacturers will often share components among various devices - they will also color code them so as not to confuse them in the manufacturing and inventory process - this just makes sense to me). So I have listed a few images below. The broken part with what is listed as the EXACT same part in the same circuitry neighborhood, if you will. The orange piece in this image is on the MB connecting to the back of the LCD display. Below all of this, is the picture of the part I bough to harvest what absolutely appears to be the exact same part on another Roland board from the memory card board of a JV-1000. I am only allowed one picture upload due to my noob status. I’ll see if I can add the last two in the replies.

If anyone knows that the replacement of this part will help my scrolling problem on the display and if the swap out I’m proposing would be an effort in vain, or if I may see some traction from this. Obviously these parts are rare anymore as this board is 20-ish years old already. Thank you for all of your help.

Thanks for everything all,


How’s it going with your XP80 display? Did you sort out that L19 filter? A have the blue led display from Ebay. Have not swapped it out yet. Am concerned about that dimmer control getting hot. Let me know what happened. Thanks