Roland XP-80 Jog Wheel Half Works

Percussion repair guy here with a vintage sythn repair question.

I got a Roland XP-80 that has a messed up Jog wheel encoder. At first the encoder Wouldn’t function at all and I have since replaced it with a new one that is not the original part, but matches all the parameters. Got it solder in and reinstalled, but now only the decrease function works. I can get it to jog down, but not up. At first I had issues with the wires not working, but that was because the A,B, and Common channels on the encoder were backwards from the original part. I reversed the wire input and came up with the half working issue.

I dabble a little in electronic repairs, but at this point I would appreciate some help with trouble shooting and finding what I need to replace or fix to get it working. If you need clarification on what I did just ask away. I’m not that great at explaining electronic stuff.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!