Roland XP50 main board

Is there any help anywhere to find a working main board (or one that can be rebuilt) for my very sentimental XP50? :pray:t3: :pray:t3:

Is there nothing……?! :pray:t3:

Hello! Is there any help anywhere to find a working main board (or one that can be rebuilt) for my very sentimental Roland XP50? :pray:t3::sparkles::pray:t3:

I might have some XP50 parts in the back room.
Still looking for that main board? Need to verify.
Will get back to you tomorrow.

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Ohh YES pleeease!! Been looking for a long time. I very much appreciate it, Richard. Thank you!

I just located my parts for Roland XP 50. I have the 70564001 Main Board. It looks ok. It’s history is unknown. ICs look ok. A few electrolytic caps were changed out. I will look for the power supply and power it up to see if the screen comes on.

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Let me ask you- What is the issue with your XP 50 main board?

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Hi RockyHill

Many—most—of the patches/sounds were corrupted and scratchy sounding, sadly rendering them unplayable.:sob:

(Sorry I don’t know the technical name for a patch…is that what’s called a midi?)

I had moved down to Virginia from Canada, having married my husband from here. I did not realize just how bad the humidity is here, so I expect that’s what did so much damage. (We did not always live where it was air climate controlled.)

When I ultimately realized the problem, I found a knowledgeable tech guy to work on it. He even tried rebuilding the board, but all without success. We’ve since been monitoring eBay for a possible score, again with no luck.

The way this keyboard came into my life and what it had meant to me playing it means SO much that I just could not give up on restoring it to playability! :gift_heart:

Thank you SO MUCH for your kindness in reaching out, looking for the part, and then reaching back out again!


Ohh and further huge thanks for finding a way to test it out, too.


 I have decided that the XP-50 main board that I have should not be tested by me. Too risky. Yes, I have the original power supply unit but I dare not hook it up to power up the main board. There are some electrolytic caps that were changed out on the main board when I got this from a donor a few years ago. That means that someone [unknown to me ] was trying to correct a problem       The best news I can offer you is for you to take my XP-50 main board and have a competent tech check it out. Nothing looks burnt on the board. No liquid appears to have been spilled on it. Here are some pics of it.      Bottom line is this: **You pay for shipping and it's yours for free. FREE.** It will be my gift to you. It was a donor from a repair shop so it was a freebie already.

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Hi Richard!

Thanks for the pics and explaining everything. The board is giving me HOPE. :pray:t3: I’ve been in touch with my tech guy. He’s willing to see if it works!

So how do I pay you for shipping? PayPal, or Venmo, … or check?

Thank you again—SO MUCH—for your willingness and gift on it to me!

I’ll be sure and let you know how everything works out!!

Hi Richard!

Hoping you saw my reply to your wonderful offer to ship me the main board if I cover shipping….

I’m just waiting to hear back from you. (As I , how do I send you $ for shipping?)

Eager for your next contact~

What zip code is the shipping address?

My zip code is 23066, in Virginia

Rocky Hill, did you get my message? Zip code is 23066.