Rowland RD 2000 repair HELP?

So I have a Rowland rd 2000 and the sustain doesn’t work… it would go in and out for the longest time and now it doesn’t work at all. The pedal isn’t the problem. The pedal is a Rowland pedal and has been tested and works fine. I have taken this keyboard to two different music stores for help but when I dropped off the keyboard it worked and they charge me $50 a pop, bring it back home works for a few weeks then stops again… now it has completely stopped… can someone help with this, located in South Carolina! I’m thinking crack sorter or bad jack or board!! I’m not sure but I just want it fixed. I also check and the system is a 1.0 so it needs updated, I’m wondering if updating will fix my issue?

The most likely cause would be a broken jack. I would replace any and all audio output jacks. That may correct the problem.