Searching for a Emulator II HD upgrade kit


I’m looking for the Emulator II HD upgrade kit.

I do have the Adaptec MFM controller board.

I need the two replacement Ic’s and the small daughter board to enable the HD upgrade.

Syntaur doesn’t have this upgrade in their catalogue unfortunately but is it in the pipeline maybe or does you know where to get it?

Best regards Brian

Reach out to Aleksandr at He makes an SD-based MFM drive that works very well in the E-II+HD and may be able to help.

Hi PatPend

Yes I do have the Drem hd emulator but I need to upgrade the EII to hd specs before I can use the Drem. That includes to IC’s replacing the none hd ones. a small SCSI daughter board and a MFM Adaptec 4000 controller (which I have).

Best regards