Seeking Yamaha DX-1 or DX-5 front panel switch

Does anyone have or can 3D print a Yamaha DX-1 (I can use also the DX-5) front panel switch(es)? I was originally looking to buy a broken DX5 to salvage parts but these are now much harder to find for cheap. Perhaps someone already got one with salvaged parts? I am new to this forum (been on Muffwiggler/Modwiggler a long time).

Also, these seem to be identical to the switches in the: Jupiter-6, EP-50, and HP-100 but would like any other opinion.


If you have a 3d design you can point me to, I would be able to try to 3d print one for you, but I dont have any source file already, and I’m definitely not up to the task of designing one…

Thank you! I will see what I can do to find the design (in a common CAD format). I appreciate the response and opportunity.