Sequential circuits multi trak program files

I am looking for an MP3 version of the original program files for the mukltitrax. My battery went down and I need to have the program files. Thanks for any help!

Hi there,

Have you tried reloading the factory patches via MIDI (SYSEX) instead? You might want to give it a try using MIDI-OX or Bome SendSX.

Original patches in SYSEX format:

Make sure you have a MIDI cable connected from your MIDI out of your audio interface to your MIDI IN on your Sequential Multi Trak (SMT).
Once application installed, go to MIDI devices and select the correct MIDI output device and channel. I think the SMT uses channel 3 by default (hold MIDI channel button on SMT to see what channel its set to, and change it if need be).

I am not 100% sure what the process would be to transfer the SYSEX data over to the SMT, but you could try the below:

On the SMT, you might need to change the MIDI mode:

Hold MIDI Mode and turn Parameter Value until the desired mode (0, 1,3 or 4) appears in the Value / Parameter display.
I am not sure which mode it requires to be in, but I thought that mode 0-1 toggles between enabling/disabling MIDI send and receive (0 = disabled 1 = enabled?).

You might also have to enable External Program Changes.
Hold MIDI Channel and press Program / Parameter 5. When enabled, “on” appears in the display. Toggles (switches) the ability for the Multi-Trak’s program changes to select and be selected by another instrument via MIDI.

At this point you should be able to send the *.SYX files to your SMT. Open the SYSEX file with one of the applications I described above, and send to your SMT via MIDI channel 3.
There is a possibility you need to change your transfer speed in MIDI-OX or Bome SendSX (baud rate or output speed).

Hope the above works for you.