Sequential Multi-Trak or Tom Power Adapter

If you have a Sequential Circuits Tom drum machine or Multi-Trak synth and you are missing the power adapter, then you have likely pulled your hair out trying to find a replacement. It’s a strange configuration - 16 volts AC, with a 5-pin DIN plug (with different pin spacings than a normal MIDI-type plug).

I’m happy to say that we now have some of these available, that we have configured here at Syntaur. Hopefully, we can bring some of these machines back to life! The adapter is here:


Hey Sam!

I just picked up a TOM without a power supply and was wondering if you had any leads on where I might find one? Understanding Syntaur’s all sold out, I’d be stoked to find someone who could make one or (better yet) provide. I’m located in Los Angeles if that makes it any easier. Thanks so much!


We actually should have a few more of these available in a week or so.

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Amazing! Just signed up for stock notifications, but happy to purchase one ASAP when available. Thanks so much Sam!