Sequential Pro One J wire double triggers


I picked up a Pro One recently.

Wondering if there’s a simple fix for double triggers and half dead keys. About 10 of the keys are problematic, mostly double triggers. A couple are firing about half the time.

The service manual I found says to simply adjust the J wires and clean with alcohol.

The contact of the J wire to the contact bar isn’t the issue; J wires aren’t bent. So I’m assuming there’s some sort of corrosion issue. There’s a fair amount of rust nearby, and the manual states to not use any cleaning process that involves too much friction as to not wear off the gold.

Maybe my ‘gold’ is worn off already? See photo. If so, is there a way to repair this? Say, replace the contact bar?

Any tips welcome. Thanks!

Hey there, welcome to the forum!

That bus bar is looking pretty dirty. Cotton swabs and 99% isopropyl alcohol is the first thing I try on a dirty bus bar. The cotton swabs are soft so you don’t need to worry about rubbing away the gold coating. You may have to do a few passes over until you get it all. Also make sure to rub all the sides of the bus bar, especially the side the J-wires contact. Switch to a new cotton swab every time the one you’re using starts getting too dirty.

If this doesn’t help you may need a new bus bar but it may be worth trying an abrasive as a last resort. You can use a wire scrubber or pencil eraser but take care not overdo it.

Also I highly recommend checking out this Synthchaser video of him restoring a Prophet 5 keybed. His preferred method is the wire scrubber.