Sequential Tom head scratcher

Hello all. First off I am a true novice and I have not encountered a situation like this before.

I was trying to diagnose a trigger button issue on an otherwise functioning Sequential Tom. Once I closed it back up, no more sounds emitted from the unit. Not from sequences or manual button pressings. Nothing. Meanwhile, everything works in the sequencer, and I can even hear the metronome going when the sequence is running (as it should in the set-up I am using). Weirdly though, when I un-house the board again, voila, the sounds are back in the sequence and I can trigger them from the buttons once more!!!

As far as I can tell, nothing vital is being pushed on the board when in the unit or when un-housed.

Does this sound like typical behavior of some error in my process? I am at a total loss. Thanks.

We encounter this sometimes, too, on different instruments. Something is losing contact from being squished up - could be a bad solder joint, or a wire that is barely hanging on, etc. A good luck around with a magnifying glass may help. Or open the Tom up, let it work correctly, and then start messing with cables to see what causes it to go bad again.