Sequential Tom Power Adapter

I bought a power supply from Syntaur a year ago for my sequential Tom drum machine. One of the pins inside the connector has come loose and rendered the supply inoperable. I’m happy to repair the connector, but I can’t seem to find the proper replacement 5 pin DIN connector. If you could sell me a few or point me in the right direction to purchase some new connectors, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum,

The DIN connector needed is a male plug ,5-pin DIN, 240 degree configuration and it must be able to handle 1.25 A and 16 V RMS.

With that search criteria this is what I found on Digikey. I think the 240 degree pin layout makes this connector a harder to find and more expensive connector (MIDI uses 180 degrees).

The only factor I’m unsure about is how well the strain relief will fit the cable on the power supply. No cable diameter specifications seem to be given in the datasheet so you may just have to try it and see if it works.

Hope this helps!