Several keys not working on PSR-36


I need help finding out how to fix my PSR-36. Not sure what happened but I when I opened it I was able to see some physical damage. It may be the water went in or something else happened but cushion was damaged and there seems to be the remaining of melted cushion on the surface which was in contact with the cushion. See picture.The keys which are not working are exactly in the area of damaged cushion - see right side above the speaker

Can the cushion be replaced - and how - it seems to be glued. Would that resolve the issue?
What is the replacement part name/number/price?
How much would cost the whole board where the cushion is glued to? What is the name and price of that part?
I want to fix it but only if there is inexpensive way.


My guess is that you will need to remove the rubber contact strip, and clean this and the circuit board that it mounts onto. You can put the rubber strip in a sink of warm dish water, and clean the PCB the same way, or with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to reinstall the rubber strip in the same configuration - you might want to mark to high-keys end with a Sharpie or something.

Hopefully this will solve the issue, as the contact strip is no longer available. We have the key contact boards in stock: