Slide potentiometers for microKONTROL are 10KB!?

I am trying to bring a microKONTROL by KORG back to life by replacing its damaged potentiometers.
Since I have sufficient skills and understanding of basic electronics, I do not really need technical advises, so I am not posting this on “Synth Repair” section.

Now, looking at the slide potentiometers that are actually installed in my microKONTROL, they read 5kB and are manufactured by some company called DELTA. Now, Syntaur says those pots are 10kB. Quite confusing.

My concern here is that either Syntaur has wrong parts listed for the slide potentiometers of microKONTROL, or there are at least two variants of microKONTROL…

Could somebody at Syntaur double-check?