Solderless Juno 106 voice chip repair

Hi. I’m replacing a juno 106 voice chip. I removed the failing voice chip. I also noticed that one of the pads underneath the board for the voice chip very faint and not sure if it has enough contact. I have a sip socket whose pins are thick enough where it just sits in the voice chip socket. Would I be able to just let it sit in the wholes without having to solder the sip socket on the pads underneath the board. Thanks in advance for the replies.

If I understand the question, you are wondering whether you can get away without soldering the voice chip (or a socket) onto the module board, The answer is definitely not - you will have to solder it in place. Especially if one of the pads is lifted from the PCB, soldering it will be the only way it would ever make good contact with the voice chip. If the pad is torn away, you may have to bridge the gap with a thin strand of wire soldered onto the trace.